Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Snowman Baking Cups & Snow Pics - Ready for Christmas Baking!

Nothing says love like something from the oven! 32 Swedish Greaseproof Baking cups. Create, bake and decorate your cupcakes and tables with these fun baking papers. These festive snowman themed baking cups will add to your party decor and make every table look festive. Add a snowman pick, edible glitter or swedish pearl sugar (sold separately at Cupcake Essentials) and your cupcakes will be an instant success. Also great for serving fun snacks such as popcorn, nuts, candies, mini crackers or dried fruit. Bake with or without a muffin pan. These are superior quality heavy duty baking cups; they meet FDA and European safety standards. They are all natural and eco-friendly. 32 premium greaseproof cups - $3.95.  Available at www.cupcakeessentials.com.

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