Thursday, October 4, 2012

Heavenly Meringues by Stroble Farms

I recently discovered something wonderful on ETSY...flavored meringues!  Stroble Farms offers many wonderful baked goods but I had the great fortune of being able to taste several of the meringue flavors.  The pink champagne, the violet and the honeysuckle flavors were my personal favorites.  These would be great for weddings or to serve along side other desserts. 

Swirled,honeysuckle-scented meringues are made with organic cane sugar, fresh egg whites from farm-fresh free-range eggs, and flavored with honeysuckle flowers.
Meringue-of-the-Month Club is a great gift to give someone you love (including yourself!) a fun way to sample their wonderful meringues. These are not 'Miss Meringue' meringues! We have unique and unusual meringues that you're not going to find anywhere else; these are all our very own recipes that we invented. Only the best-tasting flavors made the cut and we are proud to offer the following varieties:
Chocolate Swirl
Persian Saffron
Coconut Delight
Chocolate Cherry Chunk
Cherry Blossom
Violet Candy
Sparking Pink Champagne
Pecan Praline
Maple Walnut
Brown Sugar
Green Tea
Christmas Candy Cane

You can visit Stroble Farms at:

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