Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Welcome Home Brand Disposable Bundt Pan - Perfect for Holiday Giving!

For the home baker or pastry professional who truly appreciates fine quality paper baking products, step up to Welcome Home Brands – Replacing metal bakeware with Style! It comes in a variety of shapes and designs so that you can bake and serve – or bake and give – in the same pan, eliminating the need for metal bakeware!

Decorative, disposable paper bakeware. Treat these as though they were metal bakeware when determining how much batter to pour into the pan. This paper bakeware is free standing, which means that it does not need a metal baking pan or muffin tin. When you are using smaller paper pans or baking cups, we recommend placing them on a cookie sheet for stability and easy removal from the oven.

No pre-greasing or messy clean up! This paper bakeware does not require pre-greasing. If you wish to grease the pan or cup, you may do so as it will not harm the baking process. In addition, for baked products that tend to be sticky, some additional grease may give the baked product a better release from the paper baking pan or cup.

Place the pans directly into the oven or on a cookie sheet. It’s oven-safe up to 400 degrees Fahrenheit, which will accommodate most cake, cupcake, muffin and cookie recipes. Cooking times may vary slightly from items cooked in traditional metal or aluminum pans or muffin tins. Test for doneness according to recipe.

Paper bakeware may be used for food items other than desserts. It can also be frozen making food preparation for that big party, event or holiday even easier.

Each package contains 3 premium baking pans
Dimensions: 6.0" base x 4.0" tall
$9.99 per package.

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